ArkKonsult offers the following Range of Services to our clients:

  • The Strategic Review of pre-existing Constitutions and Memorandums of Incorporation
  • Stakeholder Activation on a Provincial and National basis
  • Facilitation of Association and Federation structures
  • Creating a culture of Good Corporate Governance within the respective structures
  • Building Professional Bodies
  • Completing Professional Body Taxonomies of Designations
  • Registering Professional Bodies with SAQA
  • Piloting Designations
  • Building CPD Frameworks
  • Implementing Professional Body and Association Management Information Systems
  • Building Grading Systems
  • Piloting Grading Systems
  • Facilitating Self-Governance strategies to deal with BBBEE requirements
  • Developing Strategic responses to and relationships with Charter Sectoral Councils
  • Developing and implementing Transformation Dashboards, monitoring mechanism, reporting mechanism and tools
  • Implementing Enterprise Development Laboratories and solutions for membership participation
  • Developing and implementing creative and impactful responses to a call for Group Training and the management of Skills Expenditure