Dr Ivor Blumenthal

CEO, Ark-Consult

ArkKonsult offers services to clients across South Africa, in the UK, Denmark, Holland, Brussels,to divisions within the European Union & to organisations interacting with the International labor organisation.
Services we offer include the facilitation, registration & management of Associations, Federation’s, voluntary Statutory Bodies & Professional Bodies.
Our preferred method of operation is via the creation of strategic partnerships between our clients & other formal organisations where we manage for a continual focus on mutual benefit & core business.

ArkKonsult unashamedly describes ourselves as a facilitative agency for Organized Business in South Africa.
“Small & medium sized businesses have been badly let down by incompetent, self-serving consultants. They are regularly ambushed into having to make ridiculously unfair & unnecessary concessions by their so-called Social Partners namely Organized Labor & Government.

ArkKonsult’s service offering is designed to assist Employers to legitimately & legally take back the power & control of their businesses, their industries & their sectors. We aim to assist or clients to stop the capture of their hard earned economic spaces by others intent on marginalizing them & driving business operations into bankruptcy. “




ArkKonsult offers the following Range of Services to our clients:

ArkKonsult is an Independent Consulting Practice wholly owned and operated by Dr Ivor Blumenthal. It operates in association with other keys Independently Owned and Operated Consulting Practices, staffed by highly qualified and practised personnel who are recognised as competent and thought-leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

Our CEO, Dr Ivor Blumenthal, is a veteran of the world of Training & Development organisations having spent five years at the helm of the Furniture Industries Training Board (FITB) as it’s CEO & in that capacity as a member of the Furniture industries Bargaining Council.

On leaving the FITB, he served for two years as CEO of the Association of Personnel Service Organisations (APSO) incorporating both Permanent and Temporary Recruitment Agencies. In this regard, he was instrumental in the creation of CAPES which today represents the sector at NEDLAC.

During that time, representing the interests of the Recruitment Industry, he served as the first Chairperson of the Services Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA) during the time that SETA’s were being created in readiness for launching in 2000.

In 2000 he was appointed as CEO of the Services Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA). A position he held for 11 years.


In these various capacities, he has served on the following structures:

  • The National Skills Authority – DOL/NSA
  • Standard generating bodies -SAQA
  • National standards bodies  SAQA
  • World Skills – Vice President of Africa
  • The European Union – Social dialogue for personal care
  • The European Marketing Confederation
  • The international standards authority for personal care
  • The professional body advisory group to SAQA


In his role as CEO of the Services SETA he played a role in the organisational structure and activities of the following Industries / Sectors:

  • The Contact/Call Centre/Business Process Outsourcing Industry 
  • The Bargaining Council Industry
  • The Personal Care Sector: Beauty/Hair
  • The Recruitment and Outsourcing Sector
  • The Marketing Sector
  • The Public Relations Sector
  • The Project Management Sector
  • The Contractor Plant Hiring Industry
  • The Contract Cleaning Industry