Medical Tech Jobs – The Wave of the Future

Medical tech jobs are some of the highest paying and in demand for the future.  Careers in biomedical engineering, diagnostic medical sonography, market research (analysts and marketing specialists), physical therapy and dental hygiene are excellent choices in regards to future job security and salary.  Considering the fact that jobs aren’t easy to come by today, you may want to consider a career in the medical tech industry.

Below you will find information about each job sector to help you determine if it may be a good choice for you.

Biomedical engineering.  As a biomedical engineer, you may find that you work with research/manufacturing professionals or other engineers in a research capacity, or to assist chemists, life scientists and others who develop medical products and systems and/or evaluate the effectiveness of those products.  Examples of these products/systems include MRI machines, prostheses and microscopic machines often used in surgery.

If you are someone who is able to communicate, work on a team level and have attention for detail, you might want to consider this career field.  A master’s degree is generally held by most who enter this career; however, some schools provide undergraduate degrees as well.  Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing is the industry which employs the largest number of biomedical engineers.

Diagnostic medical sonographers.  Put simply, diagnostic medical sonographers perform diagnostic imaging on patients via sound waves (procedures typically known as sonograms, echocardiograms and ultrasounds) to assess patients’ medical conditions and for diagnosis.

While some who work in this career field are employed by imaging clinics and physicians’ offices, most work in a hospital environment.  Physical requirements include the ability to stand on your feet for extended hours and to turn/life patients who may be disabled.  Formal education is required in most cases; you will likely be required to have an associate’s degree or postsecondary certificate.

Compared to most fields, the career outlook through 2020 is outstanding, with an expected growth rate of 44%.

Market research.  As a market research analyst or marketing specialist, you will need to possess various skills including the ability to solve complex problems, critical thinking, speaking/communicating with others, clear written communication, reading comprehension, etc. It is also important that you have the ability to use deductive and inductive reasoning.

Tasks and general work activities include collecting information , analyzing data, communicating information to co-workers, peers or supervisors, using computer systems/software and measuring the effectiveness of promotion/advertising and marketing strategies and programs.  You will likely be responsible for forecasting and tracking marketing and sales trends, and analyzing collected data.  You may also be required to conduct research, collaborate with other marketing professionals, even develop and/or implement procedures that assist in identifying customers’ advertising needs.

Educational and training requirements to enter your career in market research includes obtaining a bachelor’s degree.  In most cases, no previous experience or on-the-job training is necessary.  Other programs you may want to consider to further your career include international marketing, marketing research and applied economics.  In the U.S., the expected growth rate in this career field through the year 2020 is 41%.

Physical therapy.  Another career in the medical tech jobs arena that shows great promise for the future is that of a physical therapist.  With an expected growth rate by the year 2020 of 39%, this career field is anticipated to grow much fast than average.

Physical therapists help individuals who have been ill, had surgery or who have been injured with mobility and movement.  In this capacity, you will help people improve their movement and range of motion as well as manage their pain.  Physical therapists play an important role in rehabilitation of patients following surgery, treatment of injuries or those with chronic conditions/injuries that cause pain and/or limited movement.

As a physical therapist your will likely spend the majority of time on your feet due to working closely with patients.  The environments that most often employ physical therapists include nursing homes, hospitals, private offices and clinics.  Many also go to the patient’s home to provide physical therapy services.

Every state in the U.S. requires that physical therapists be licensed, so it is advised you obtain a doctoral degree in physical therapy if this sounds like a career suited to you.

Dental hygienist.  Expected to grow by about 38% by the year 2020, a career as a dental hygienist is good paying (median pay $68,000 per year) and fulfilling.  As a dental hygienist, your duties will include educating patients on how to maintain good oral health, perform examinations for potential diseases such as gingivitis, clean patients’ teeth and more.  The extent of the services you may legally offer patients depends on the rules of the state in which you are licensed.  In most cases, dental hygienists work closely with both dental assistants and dentists.

Certain characteristics are common in those who work as dental hygienists.  For example, it is helpful if you possess good interpersonal skills, are compassionate, and are detail oriented.

Education and training required to become a dental hygienist vary by state; however in most cases an associate’s degree in dental hygiene is required, although it may be all that is needed in some cases is a certificate.  You must be licensed in every state to secure a career in this field.

As you can see, medical tech jobs are some of the most solid careers for today and the future.  Hopefully the information above will help you decide if a career in medical tech is right for you and whether you possess the skills/educational requirements for the job.