I must be living in an altered state of consciousness.

In my book “50 Shades of Greed” I refer to the hijacking of the Skills Levy which belongs squarely to Business. I talk about politicians who have taken that money and what they intend to do with it.

Now we have the proud and in-your-face announcement from the Minister of Higher Education that he will use R1 Billion from the National Skills Fund which is intended to be used for workplace training and development, to give bursaries to university students!

Business have failed to gain access to the NSF for the purposes it was intended to be used for since its inception. Now we are told that the NSF will be used to pay off the debt of those who have defrauded the system in refusing to pay back their prior loans. Something it was NEVER intended to be used for.

To make the matter worse the Minister has called on SETA’s to spend their own monies on the same and they have eagerly agreed to do so. Currying favor with the ministry, while betraying their Business members interests in the process.

Why is the Business Community ABSOLUTELY, but ABSOLUTELY silent on what can only be described, in no uncertain terms as wasted expenditure and a complete travesty of justice? Where is the leadership amongst business to stand up to this diversion of monies from what the collection of those monies were intended to be used for?

The Ministers announcement comes in the wake of student demonstrations for free University education and just before elections. Can there be any doubt in any but the most banal and idiotic of minds, that this money is unashamedly being used to buy votes from the youth for the ANC alliance in the upcoming elections  in the most cras and uncaring of ways, and not for the purposes of bolstering skills acquisition in the workplace?