South Africans should be thankful for tender and institutionalized corruption.

The sole reasons that we have not, since the unbanning of the ANC, experienced social upheaval and a bloody revolution in South Africa, is because of the rapid rise of the Black Middle Class in this country. Okay, that and the systematic engineered-materialization of the average South African which has given rise to a culture of ownership over technology and possessions which is the flimsy barrier preventing massive social upheaval. People have too much to loose, even if that “too much” is only their cellphone. Okay, that and also the fact that South Africans are too lazy to actually commit to a true ideology of any kind, or actual prolonged bloodshed unless it was literally laid at their feet and all they had to do was toy-toyi.

A logical person would look at the rapid escalation in the ranks of the Middle Class and know that that phenomenon, were neither natural nor deserved. The Strategy to create an affluent and large Black Middle Class has been artificially engineered into reality by the targeting of Government Funds directly for purposes of National Re-Distribution for the purpose of creating that Nuevo-Riche Black Middle Class, and at the same time by instigating a misinterpretation of BBBEE to imply that if traditionally White Business people were not prepared to hand 51% of their businesses over without recourse to newly emerged Black entrepreneurs, they would ultimately be forced out of their businesses by the draconian legislative framework introduced by the Tri-Partite Social Partnership.

A masterful stroke of Social Engineering, with logically foreseen consequences, but then again which politician or recently emerged businessperson gives a damn about sustainability?

Thus we now have a situation that a parallel economic world has been created by the Tri-Partite-Alliance for the Public Sector. Generally, and there are always exceptions, those who are employed in our Government Departments, Hospitals, Public Schools, Post Office, Telkom, Eskom etc. who do nothing all day long while Rome crumbles around them and on a parallel basis literally tens of thousands of unemployable, previously never employed, and recent matric graduates who have been artificially elevated to the title of “Consultant” who have been brought into all of those Government entities, to do even less, all day long while Rome crumbles around them.

Why I refer to this as a “Master Stroke” is because it is in the creation of these two levels of employment, the first being those who have been brought into the ranks of the formally employed in the Public Sector via deployment, nepotism and sexual favoring and via the displacement of others who shall remain unidentified, who historically had actually been doing the work. The second level of employment is in this parallel economy of “Consultants” who shall be described as being in emerging new businesses, but in reality only have to be Black and unemployed to qualify as a “Consultant”. The hope has been that while they possess nothing of the competencies or the skills necessary to do the work they have been contracted to do, they would generally learn fast from their mistakes. It is we, Civil Society who would be worst effected by those mistakes (witness Eskom, Telkom, Public Schooling, Public Nursing, Health Care and the-like) but hey, that’s called “Collateral Damage”.

It doesn’t matter though because all that really matters is that if the various Billions recently reported on as having been misspent by Public Departments on engaging the services of these “Consultants” had not been spent, these young and unemployed people would have become the ANC’s worst nightmare and we would have had a situation in SA which would have made recent uprisings in Egypt and surrounding countries, look like a 3 year-olds birthday party.

The same strategy goes for the awarding of Tenders. Again, a Masterstroke. Use this pot of money to supplement the creation of the Black Middle Class by creating a whole litany of new businesses, even if only on paper, which can be awarded lucrative Government deals. This collective then groups together as our various Black Business Forums and literally re-invents the definition of business to be “a couple of blokes, told about a tender opportunity that they would be preferred for if they were only to register a business”. No experience necessary. No recourse implied.

Why do I say Masterstroke? Because in the process, no-matter how underserved, these beneficiaries of the “Consultant” and “Tender Awards” do actually start the social transformation process necessary to make SA strong. Besides for over-capitalising their own personal lifestyles on the rewards, there is no doubt that for each direct person benefitting, there are an average of six extended family members suddenly also deriving benefit. Thus Sandton City becomes their hangout. The Retail Industry there burgeons. SAA flies them to London, Paris and Nova Skotia. Imports of luxury   goods increase (especially cigars and good whisky) and expensive motor cars flood the only street into and out of Sandton, causing nightmare jams.

But, and this is the BIG THING, amongst the litany of children sent from this community to Private Schools, undoubtedly the next Mark Shuttleworth, the next Louis Pasteur and the next FW De Klerk will emerge. That becomes the Masterstroke. That’s what makes it “all good”. That becomes the end, justifying the crooked means. That is what will save this country.

That is why we as South Africans should go down on our knees and thank the Tri-Partite Alliance for having implemented preferential “Consulting” and Tenderpreneuring.

The end, will inevitably justify the rotten means – surely?