Noah was ordered to build an Ark to save the world.


ArkKonsult is a company with a far more pedestrian yet important objective.
The objective is to rebuild the backbone of Organised Business in South Africa.

ArkKonsult is an Industry and Sectoral Consulting Practice, run from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our primary focus is on the stabilisation of Employers as a strong and organised Social Partner capable of engaging with Organised Labour and Government as equal partners. Rather than as victims.

If you are an Industry Association or Sectoral Confederation that believes you need to re-focus on your identity and service offering to your members, we want to partner with you in walking down a new and exciting pathway towards self-governance, ownership and mastery.

“Small & medium sized businesses have been badly let down by incompetent, self-serving consultants. They are regularly ambushed into having to make ridiculously unfair & unnecessary concessions by their so-called Social Partners namely Organized Labor & Government. ArkKonsult’s service offering is designed to assist Employers to legitimately & legally take back the power & control of their businesses, their industries & their sectors. We aim to assist or clients to stop the capture of their hard earned economic spaces by others intent on marginalizing them & driving business operations into bankruptcy. “



Dr Ivor Blumenthal, the host of Contemporary Business interviews a selection of Business Hero’s who are retired, Leaders who are current and covers various topical issues which impact on our daily lives and the Business Community in-particular.The show has been designed to be informative, instructional and is geared towards today’s decision makers in the Business arena who are able to learn from those who have trodden the treacherous boardwalks on their path to success


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